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    Why is the Staff Dancing?

    Play More. Be Happy.™ is the philosophy at Lady Luck® Casino, it has even gotten into our employees, and they can't hide their happy feet from you any longer. We are excited to announce that we are having a Play More. Be Happy. Employee Dance-Off, and you are going to be the judge. Lady Luck employees will be facing off against the 14 other Isle of Capri® casino properties, and there will only be one winner. The employees made amazing videos of themselves dancing to “I Like it, I Love It” to show you their dancing skills, and to win your vote! Take some time to check out the work of these dedicated employees who want to express their happiness by getting down, and grooving on the dance floor. Then, vote online for the best employee dance video!

    How does the Play More. Be Happy. Dance-Off work? The dancing contest takes place in two separate events. Phase one and phase two, and your votes are needed for both.

    Phase One:

    The first phase of the dance-off takes places online from May 21st to June 9th. It’s at the property-level, pitting our employees against each other to find out who the top dancer is at Lady Luck. Each property has its own page showcasing the employee videos. This is when you will watch all the dance-off videos our employees post and decide who your favorite employee dancer is, and who you want to see dance again. Fans and followers, guests, friends and other employees are encouraged to vote online for their favorite dance video. The winner from each Isle of Capri Casino property will then move on to the second phase of competition.

    Phase Two:

    Phase two takes place from June 12th to June 30th, and is the biggest part of the competition. In phase two, the 15 winners from phase one will get their dancing shoes on, and show you their best moves in hopes of being crowned the Ultimate Happy Dance Champion. We really need your votes in this phase to move our Lady Luck Caruthersville employee on. Show your hometown pride, and vote for the employee you choose to battle for the crown!

    We are excited to start this competition, and our employees are getting ready to rumble. The question is, are you ready to support your favorite dancer? You can vote once per day in each phase. So, if you have a dancer you want to see crowned champion, the best advice we can give you is; vote, vote and vote some more!

    So much happiness and dancing, and even more to come! The final chapter of the Play More. Be Happy dance competition stars you… our guests! Later this year we are going to be opening up the Play More. Be Happy dance-off to our fans to submit your own dance videos for the chance to win an amazing prize! All we have left to say is… stay tuned!

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