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    Tips for Becoming a Mississippi Stud Pro

    For those who are unfamiliar with Mississippi Stud℠, this poker-based table game is actually quite simple to play. Only the player's final five card hand determines the win. The skill is in deciding how much to raise, or fold, as the cards are revealed. It’s basically the same as seven card stud poker, with the exception being one betting round is discarded. This makes for a much faster-paced game.

    Mississippi Stud is a bit trickier, as you’re playing against the dealer and the other players. Don’t worry though, Lady Luck has you covered. Follow these tips and you’ll be a Mississippi Stud Pro in no time!

    • Be prepared to ante at least 3x what you put down as your initial wager. Mississippi Stud has three betting stages, so your odds of paying or pushing out changes as the game progresses.
    • Before you even see the first community card, drawing a pair will put the odds of getting a payout in your favor. This is a good time to make a substantial raise, even as much as 3x your initial amount. If you draw a hand containing two numbers between six and 10, a face card, or an ace, go ahead and raise, but do so more conservatively. In all other cases, fold.
    • If you’re lucky and draw two useful hole cards, a great way to take home a bigger pot is by slow playing. Slow playing is a move which allows other players to continually raise their bets until the 5th street where the bets are three times greater than their antes.
    • Always wait until the 3rd street before you concede or fold as this is where your position in the game becomes clear. If the cards you’re holding by this stage are still not great enough to beat the other hands, then the wisest decision would be to fold.
    • Watch the community cards closely, as well as the face-up cards of your opponents, for a pair that is greater than five. This is considered strong in the game. If by the 3rd street, you already have this poker hand, then you should continue raising your bets up to the showdown. With this hand ranking, you have a big chance to win the pot!

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