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    The Weirdest (But Most Delicious) Hot Dog Toppings

    July 25, 2017

    Did you know July is National Hot Dog Month? Yep, that’s right – there are 30 whole days dedicated to your favorite meat and bun duo! In order to celebrate the good ol’ hot dog, take it beyond traditional toppings like ketchup and mustard. Sure, they’re classics, but there are so many creative hot dog toppings out there that’ll blow your mind! Some of these topping combinations may seem strange, but don’t knock them ‘til you try ‘em!

    1. Pizza Dog: Pepperoni, marinara, mozzarella and basil

    This combination of ingredients may be reminiscent of pizza, but they also make a killer Italian inspired hot dog! You’ll definitely want seconds. Or thirds…

    2. BLTA Dog: Bacon, tomato, mayo and avocado

    This twist on a traditional BLT takes it to a whole new level by putting the familiar flavors between a bun and next to a dog. The avocado is entirely optional, but it’s hard not to love this addition! Try toasting your bun for the ultimate homage to your favorite classic sandwich.

    3. BBQ Tot Dog: Barbecue sauce and tater tots

    It may sound weird, but oh so good, right? We thought so! Kids and adults alike will gobble up this tasty creation and be hungry for seconds!

    4. Sophisticated Dog: Pesto and caramelized onions

    The addition of pesto and caramelized onions is simple, but oh so much more sophisticated than squirting ketchup on top. We think you’ll be tempted to make this your go-to hot dog topping combo.

    5. Thanksgiving Dog: Mashed potatoes, gravy and green onions

    It’s a shame that Thanksgiving is only one day a year, because if we’re all honest, the cravings come all year round. This Thanksgiving Dog will make you forget it’s July because it has all the hearty flavors packed in between two buns. You could even try this combo with a turkey dog for a bit more authenticity. Add cranberries for a bonus burst of Thanksgiving!

    6. Cheesy Dog: Mac ‘n Cheese

    Do we even need to explain this one? Hot dog? Good. Mac ‘n Cheese? Good. Together? Great! The creamy cheesy goodness makes the perfectly saucy topping you’re your hot dog.

    7. Crunchy Dog: Crushed potato chips

    You’ve likely tried adding crushed chips to your sandwich, but have you ever tried it on a hot dog? Didn’t think so. It adds the perfect bit of salt and crunch to contrast the soft bun and meaty hot dog. Try different flavor combinations, or keep it simple with salt and pepper kettle chips. Top with ketchup and mustard and all your other favorite toppings!

    8. Crazy Dog: Caramel Corn

    This is one of those topping suggestions that makes you read it again and wonder if you’ve misunderstood. But oftentimes the most unexpected flavor combinations turn out to be the best! A little salty, a little sweet. Soft and crunchy all at the same time. Would you give it a try?

    9. South of the Border Dog: Jalapeño Cream Cheese and Black Bean Salsa

    For a south of the border twist on a regular old hot dog, add jalapeño cream cheese and black bean salsa. Go the extra mile and top it with fresh cilantro and crushed tortilla chips! Olé!

    10. Fancy Dog: Fried Egg, Arugula, Guacamole, Garlic Aioli, and Blue Cheese

    The combination of these toppings creates a level of sophistication not often associated with hot dogs. But we love the element of surprise, and we think this fancy dog would impress even the biggest of food critics. Be sure to choose a nice bun – like brioche – and get quality hot dogs instead of the discount kind!

    Which hot dog are you going to try first? Do any of the flavor combinations surprise you? If you’re craving hot dogs after reading this list, head over to Lady Luck® Casino Caruthersville where you can enjoy hot dogs all month long month at Otis & Henrys Express®! We’ve got your cravings under control!

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