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    Spring RV Season!

    Spring is almost here, and that means travel season is picking back up again. This is particularly exciting news for RV fans, who have spent most of the long winter waiting to get back out on the road. RV road trips are an amazing way to explore this great country, visiting new and exciting locales, seeing historic sites, feasting on local cuisine, and getting to know your fellow travelers. The Midwest is home to many of the most popular RV road trip routes that feature awe-inspiring stops along the way. So, we thought we would put together a great cross country trip for you… which of course will start in Missouri!

    Be sure to navigate your travel to the Southeast corner of Missouri to visit the RV park at Isle of Capri® Caruthersville. For only $40 per night, you can bring your wildlife back to civilization for an evening or two and win back all your expenses! Enjoy amazing amenities at this park located on the banks of the historic Mississippi River. While you’re here, kick back and relax at the Lady Luck Casino, which offers an exciting gaming experience with over 500 slot machines and 11 table games. Forgo the camp stove and enjoy a delicious dinner at Otis and Henry’s® Bar and Grill, where the atmosphere will remind you of your favorite neighborhood hangout.

    You will want to spend plenty of time exploring the great state of Missouri. It has become a popular RV camping destination, thanks to the wide array of activities. With mild temperatures even in the winter, you can enjoy hiking, fishing and boating year-round. Check out Kansas City or St. Louis or visit Lake of the Ozarks State Park.
    Mark Twain National Forest is a destination that’s not to be missed. Covering nearly 1.5 million acres in Southern Missouri, this quiet spot is perfect for fishing, swimming, canoeing, biking, horseback riding, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing and even caving.

    So now let’s start crossing the country!

    Head west into Kansas, and you can hop on the Pony Express, which connected the western frontier towns of Missouri to the gold mine communities of California. In 1860, courageous horseback riders would endure the long trek over desolate plains to deliver mail, newspapers and packages between the two settlements. Today’s adventurers can travel the path as they head from Hanover, Kansas to St. Joseph, Missouri, the original base camp for mail heading west.

    From Kansas, many travelers venture north to visit historic Nebraska. Visitors will find vast grasslands, rocky bluffs, buffalo ranges and Ponderosa pines. There are plenty of RV camping resorts to be found throughout the state as you travel through the Western Scenic Byway. In Nebraska City, you can follow in the steps of Lewis and Clark, and trace the pioneer’s wagon trails.

    Many people who visit Kansas head up into South Dakota to include Mount Rushmore on their itinerary. Mount Rushmore is a majestic achievement that every RV road-tripper should see. In fact, this remarkable memorial is visited by close to 3 million people every year. Completed in 1941, this masterpiece features 60-foot sculptures of the heads of United States presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. In total, the work spans 1,278 acres.

    Let’s finish off in North Dakota – a great place to end an RV road trip, with over 350 miles of scenic byways to tour. The state is also home to 63 national wildlife refuges, more than any other state in the country. They include over 290,000 acres that are home to more than 390 bird species. In North Dakota, you can take a hike through a petrified forest, explore a museum made out of rock, and discover Teddy Roosevelt’s cabin. Or experience what prairie life was like in the 1800s as you stroll through Bonanzaville’s 40 restored vintage buildings which include homes, stores, banks and schools.

    Wherever your next RV trip takes you, remember that the memories you make will last a lifetime. Now get out there and enjoy the open road! Don’t forget to hop over and tell us on Facebook® and Twitter® all about your cross country adventures! We love pics!


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