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    Seven Lucky Charms to Boost Your Luck

    At Lady Luck® Caruthersville, we've seen our fair share of lucky charms. Varying from small trinkets to even pieces of clothing, superstitious gamers can find luck in the most unusual items. However, there are lucky charms that most people associate with luck, like a rabbit's foot or horseshoe, but few know how the charms developed their lucky status. Here are how seven lucky charms gained their luck.

    1. Rabbit's Foot
    The luck of a colorful rabbit's foot is well-known and can be traced to many sources. The strongest explanation comes from African folk magic where using bones was common in rituals. People avoiding using human bones by trading in animal bones, which infused those animal bones with powers. Rabbits became popular animals for rituals as African folklore regarded rabbits as clever and courageous. Shifting to 1800s America, slaves held onto rabbit feet for courage and luck to get them through the worst days of slavery.

    2. Horseshoe
    Many people have heard of hanging a horseshoe (U up) on the wall for good luck. The horseshoe's lucky trait comes from its metal and being created by blacksmiths. The job of a blacksmith involves working with fire and metal, thought to be a gift from the gods during its debut to humanity. Essentially, blacksmiths had the ability to mold a direct gift from the gods, making them lucky and in turn their horseshoe creations lucky.

    3. Four-leaf Clovers
    The odds of finding a four-leaf clover are small, about 1 in 10,000, so coming across one can make you feel fairly lucky. Historically four-leaf clovers were believed to ward off evil and help spot fairies. Eventually the leaves came to represent fame, wealth, health and love.

    4. Goldfish
    Infuse your home with positivity and good luck with a goldfish. According to Feng Shui, having eight goldfish with one black fish helps create and maintain good luck. Scientifically speaking, watching fish swim reduces anxiety and can be a great de-stressor.

    5. Acorns
    Vikings believed acorns offer protection and luck thanks to attracting lightning. Since oak trees took significant lightning strikes, the Vikings believed the trees protected people from Thor's wrath. By having pieces of the oak tree in the form of acorns, the protection bubble increased.

    6. Coins
    Many cultures believe in the luck of coins. We pick up face-up pennies and tuck coins into new shoes and wallets in hopes of prosperity. The history of these myths can be traced back to the idea of metal being a gift from the gods. Further boosting a coin's luck factor is its identity: currency.

    7. Lucky Number Seven
    The number seven is associated with both good and bad luck, as in seven years of bad luck when you break a mirror. There's no one determination as to why seven landed its lucky role, other than a human fascination with the number throughout history. There are the seven deadly sins, seven classical planets from which we developed the seven days of the week, and in religion it's considered to be the perfect number.

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