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    Killer Last Minute Adult Halloween Costumes!

    Halloween is almost here and we are so excited! While this is a fun time of year, chances may not have had time to shop for the perfect costume to wear. Fear not because we have tons of quick and easy last minute adult Halloween costumes. Don't use the excuse that you didn't have the time or supplies this year, check out these neat options provided by Buzzfeed.com that will ensure you look "spooktacular" this Halloween.

    The Easy Animal Hoodie
    Do you have an old hoodie lying around somewhere that you just don't seem to wear anymore? Grab some construction paper and tape (or glue if you don't mind keeping this look permanently) and convert the hood into a fierce wolf. If you have matching colored sweatpants, consider adding a tail by stapling, sewing, or taping on matching color fabric.

    This look can also be transformed with just a little bit of work into many other costume ideas. Consider going with a certain cookie eating monster look if your hoodie and pants are bright blue. If your hoodie is black, the traditional Halloween black cat might be the right choice. A white hoodie could even be made into the abominable snowman!

    Impersonate Your Skivvies
    You can take a classy route to sporting your underwear! Grab a bright colored red, purple, or green shirte, some matching-color balloons and some fabric leaves that you can find at any local craft store and you have yourself the makings of a popular underwear commercial fruit!

    Muppet Madness
    Another quick costume idea that can be easily recognized is to sport a certain famous easy going frog look. For this, pick-up a green shirt and some green felt (construction paper can work in a pinch), cut a series of triangles out and sew, safety pin, or glue the triangles together into a circle which will rest around your neck. Color in the eyes of two ping pong balls and glue or tape them to a headband (ladies, you can attach these to barrettes if you'd like).

    It's The Great Pumpkin
    If you do not like the idea of having to wear a hoodie all evening, be sure to consider a much more simple sweatshirt option: the jack-o-lantern. Pick up an ordinary orange sweatshirt with no hood, cut out your eyes and mouth on construction paper (or wear a black shirt underneath and simply cut the holes into the sweatshirt for some additional ventilation if you will be inside all night) and you have quickly converted yourself into a jack-o-lantern. Now that is easy!

    Bee Creative
    If you have a bright yellow or solid black shirt you can transform yourself into a bee in no time. Whichever color the shirt is (yellow or black), find a sheet, felt, separate shirt that you will not mind cutting up, or any other kind of fabric in the other color, cut a series of strips and tape (or glue) them over your shirt, alternating between the yellow and black for your bee design.

    Look Riveting
    Ladies, if you have a jean jacket, brown belt, jeans, and a handkerchief, you have the makings of a wonderful Rosie the Riveter costume. While the majority of this costume is self-explanatory, pull your hair up onto the top of your head. Fold your handkerchief over once to create a large triangle. Take the base of the triangle and, with both hands on the base-ends of the triangle, wrap the base from the bottom of your hairline on your neck up above your ears and to the top of your forehead. Pull the top of the triangle over your hair, tie the two base ends of the triangle over this front piece once before wrapping the remaining edge of the top of the triangle back and tying the ends once more. Tada! Be sure to strike the pose that would make Rosie proud!

    Building Is Easy
    Another simple costume solution is to take a cardboard box (be sure to select one which is long enough to cover your torso length and tall enough to extend past your front and rear), color it (or use solid colored wrapping paper), add a series of matching colored solo cups (glued lid-down), and cut a hole in the bottom that allows your torso to fit through, on both sides for your arms, and the top for your neck. Boom, you have yourself a building block costume! While easy and creative, this might not be the best costume for you if you plan to sit down often.

    Pillage and Plunder
    An alternative use for an extra cardboard box is to convert it into a great Viking costume. Cut out the outline of a shield from the cardboard and cover it with aluminum foil. Then, be sure to unravel a very lengthy sheet of aluminum foil which will serve as your horned helmet. Before placing the foil on your head, be sure to fold the sheet over at the bottom a few times so you do not end up accidentally nicking your ear on a sharp edge. Once you've done this, wrap the foil around your head (or a baseball cap if you prefer) and mold the shape around the size of your skull. Then, with the remaining bulk of foil on the top, twist and crumple it into two horns. Voila! You are ready for your voyage!

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