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    Hauntingly Delicious Halloween Party Recipes

    It's the spookiest time of year! It's also a great time to get creative in the kitchen. Halloween party recipes allow you to make bites that are both fun to look at and to eat. Here are some great ideas for your next Halloween party.

    1. Spooky Slasher Brownies
    These super simple brownies remind guests of all their favorite slasher movies. Their fears will be calmed with one taste of these rich treats. Begin with a pan of your favorite brownies (boxed or grandma's recipe, we won't tell either way!) then top with a rich buttercream frosting that's "slashed" with strawberry topping. It's a sure win for any Halloween party. Get the recipe here.

    2. Zombie Graveyard Pudding Cups
    Here's a new take on the gummy worms in mudpie dessert. Using fondant, you can make zombie hands that crawl out of Oreo topped pudding. It's surprisingly easy to make everything, and is one of the most memorable looking Halloween party recipes. Get the directions here.

    3. Vampire Cocktail
    Satisfy the adults at your Halloween party with Vampire Cocktails. These sophisticated-looking drinks will liven up your party, and aren't difficult to assemble. For the plastic syringes that squirt in the necessary "blood" raspberry puree, check out any Halloween store. You can even leave out the alcohol for a mocktail version.

    4. Creepy Vampire Doughnuts
    These no-bake treats are far too cute to be scary! Using a little imagination, chocolate syrup, red cake decorating gel, and plastic vampire teeth, turn regular glazed doughnuts into not-so-scary vampires with this recipe. Among all the Halloween party recipes, this one takes the prize for the most fun.

    5. Guacamole From a Pumpkin
    Sometimes it's all about the presentation when it comes to Halloween treats. The problem is once guests dig into the dip you carefully molded to look like a witch's hat, it doesn't look very Halloween-like. The solution is placing the dip as if it's flowing from a jack-o-lantern's mouth. It's gross, yet festive! See what we mean here.

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