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    Get to Know Narvel Felts

    Come see Narvel Felts at Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville. Narvel Felts will be playing at the casino on Saturday, September 20th at 7:00pm. General Admission tickets are available for only ten dollars, and preferred seats are also available.

    Narvel Felts has been involved in the music industry for over sixty years. In his home state of Missouri, Narvel taught himself the guitar after being inspired by country music performers. The artists Ernest Tubb and Floyd Tillman had a great influence on the emerging musician. After dedicating himself to improvement, Felts won his high-school talent show by offering his classmates his version of "Blue Suede Shoes." During his performance, there happened to be a local disc jockey in the audience. Impressed, the disc jockey made an announcement on his radio show the next day about the performance, and he mentioned he wanted to get in touch with the talented youth named Narvel Felts. Thrilled, Felts and his father took a journey of eight miles to find a phone and call the radio station. The result was Felts earning a regular appearance on the radio station. Every Saturday afternoon, Felts was able to play his music to all who would listen.

    Never one to rest, Felts pushed forward with his dream by approaching musician Jerry Mercer. He asked Mercer if he could play with Mercer's band during a performance. Felts was talented enough to earn permanent membership in the band. Once Mercer left in 1956, Felts was promoted to the role of front-man in the band called they called the Rockets. Felts was only 17-years-old at the time.

    In time, the manager of the Rockets arranged an opportunity for the band to play for Sun City Records in Nashville. Felts took along one band member and played a set for Jack Clement. Clement was impressed, and he asked Felts to return again after the band wrote a few more songs. Clements also wanted to see the entire band. The band did as asked, but these recordings were not released to the public until much later.

    In the meantime, Felt continued performing with the Rockets. Felt found another lucky break in a theater in St. Louis while they were performing as an opening act for the movie Rock, Pretty Baby. A regional promoter happened to be in the audience. This led to the Rockets signing with the Mercury label, and Felts cut five singles with his band. These singled were released in 1959.

    Felts continued working steadily with his band. He recorded several of the band's songs on independent labels. In 1960, Felts enjoyed a flash of success on the music charts by covering the song "Honey Love" by the Drifters. This next step of success led him into another recording contract. He signed with MGM, although Felts eventually released nothing under that label. Felts continued performing and recording throughout the turbulent sixties, but much of his focus was on his wife and children.

    Felts was rewarded for his duty to family by signing with Cinnamon Label in 1973. Felts eventually released a second single entitled "Drift Away." This record granted Felts his first Top Ten Record. Felts continued to find success on the charts. In 1973, Felts released "All in the Name of Love." In 1974, Felts released "I Want to Stay." After Cinnamon Label closed its doors in 1975, Felts was able to use his momentum to sign with ABC/Dot. Felts' musical career continued to succeed as he released new singles. It was under this label Felts released the song "Reconsider Me." "Reconsider Me" reached number three on the charts and earned numerous awards from industry magazines. Two more hits quickly followed entitled "Lonely Teardrops" and "Run for the Roses."

    Felts continues to make great music that stirs the soul and sparks the imagination. Come see this talented artist perform live on Saturday, September 20th.

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