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    Celebrate September Food Holidays With Lady Luck Casino® Caruthersville

    September food holidays make this time of year even more special. Here at Lady Luck Casino® Caruthersville, we make it our mission to plate up delicious fare that makes these culinary revelries memorable. Best of all, our onsite restaurants in Caruthersville mean you can stay out of the kitchen, yet still enjoy this month of cuisine festivities. Here are five September food holidays you will want to celebrate with us.

    September 15 - National Linguini Day
    Everyone loves long, flat pasta designed to hold whatever sauce it finds itself swimming in. If you're gaming with us on September 15th, you will want to indulge in Otis & Henry's® Chicken Fettuccine pasta dinner. At only $10.99*, you'll enjoy a heaping pile of noodles, spinach, garlic and blackened or grilled chicken – there's no better way commemorate this day!

    September 18 - National Cheeseburger Day
    For many of us, every day should be National Cheeseburger Day. But, if you're checking the calendar, you will find that September 18th is the official day to pay homage to one of America's most popular sandwiches. Visit O&H® for lunch and enjoy one of our signature Lucky Burgers. Served with your choice of French fries, sweet potato fries, potato salad, coleslaw or beer-battered onion rings at $9.99*, it's the perfect meal to celebrate this fun food day.

    September 21 - National Pecan Cookie Day
    At Lady Luck Casino,® we love helping our patrons get creative with their food holiday spirit. Case in point: you won't need a cookie to signify you're celebrating the illustrious pecan. We serve a delicious pecan pie at Otis & Henry’s® Bar and Grill. At $5.99* you and your crew can satisfy your pie cravings and put a new spin on how to festively observe this delicious nut.

    September 25 - National Crab Newburg Day/Lobster Day
    There are plenty of ways to celebrate all things seafood when visiting Lady Luck Casino® Caruthersville. Try our Fried Catfish meal at $11.99* served with tartar sauce and hush puppies. Or, opt for our Fried Shrimp dish. You get 10-butterflied pieces with cocktail sauce and lemon slices. At just $10.99* you can easily embrace this day dedicated to delicious shellfish when gaming with us.

    September 28 – National Drink Beer Day
    Sometimes, it's simply more gratifying to sip celebratory fare. National Drink Beer Day allows our gamers to do just that. Come and enjoy some of our on-tap, ice-cold brews and know that you're doing your part to honor this festive September tradition.

    *Does not include tax or gratuity.

    Celebrate September Food Holidays With Lady Luck Casino® Caruthersville
    Come visit one of our onsite restaurants throughout the month and celebrate some of September's many cuisine holidays. Our chefs offer daily specials and dishes that will satisfy any appetite. Best of all, once you've dined on our succulent cuisine, you'll be energized and ready to enjoy some of our many state-of-the-art gaming options for a day of food and fun.
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