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    Best Last Minute Gift Ideas!

    Let’s be honest… the holidays are rough if you are a last minute shopper, but it’s not just the holiday season that we are gift shopping! Birthdays, anniversaries, “just because” – we’re buying gifts all year long. Surfing the web for ideas probably is not the right answer, but we are here to help in any case. The following last minute gift ideas will make you the best gift giver… all year round!

    Gifts in a Jar
    Saving the day in shiny glass, the ubiquitous gift in a jar can be the answer to your heartfelt plea for inspiration. From hot cocoa to complicated dinner ideas, if it contains many dry goods, you can put it into a Mason jar, slap a bow on it and call it a gift. Gifts in a jar are not limited to just food, either; consider small items that can be assembled to make a gift set, such as personal care, makeup, collector’s items or even sewing supplies. The addition of that glass jar can make your gift seem so much more special than it would be if you dumped it out on the table!

    Arm Knit a Scarf
    If you are even the least bit crafty, you owe it to yourself to look up arm knitting. A stylish infinity scarf can be off your arm-needles and into a gift bag in mere minutes, no kidding. On this video, you can learn how to knit an entire scarf in just 30 minutes, if you can manage not to tie yourself up in knots, that is. Just about everyone can get use out of this scarf and the fact that it is homemade will earn you mega points, even if your gift is late.

    Gift Basket
    One of the biggest reasons gift giving procrastinators give for their lack of Martha Stewart organization skills is that their recipient is just so hard to shop for. If your recipient fits that bill, consider the ever forgiving gift basket, which can be made up of their favorite treats or purchased premade at your local mall. You can rarely go wrong with food, so when you are out of ideas, buy fruit, a pretty basket and a big, red bow.

    Every responsible gift giver knows to keep a stockpile of those less than loved gifts Grandma gives every year. Re-gifting, an art form in itself, can be acceptable under certain circumstances. The main rule of thumb with re-gifting is to never give a gift to someone who might be in contact with the original giver. It can help to keep a list of who gave what with your re-gift pile so you do not mistakenly re-gift a gift back to its source, an act that will surely haunt you for the rest of your social life, which will of course be brief once you are found out.

    Gift Cards, the Ultimate Tool of Desperation
    Nothing says, “I love you but have no idea what you like” quite like a gift card. With that being said, nothing is quite so appreciated for the hard to shop for than a gift certificate to their favorite store. If you do not know what their favorite store is, you can get a major credit card gift card to use at nearly every store. Giving the gift of choice is better than yet another inedible fruitcake. Your recipient will thank you.

    What Not to Gift
    There are some basic criteria every shopper should follow, whether they are giving last minute gifts or planning ahead. To ensure you are not the proud new owner of a vintage 1980s fruitcake next year, avoid giving these gifts.

    • Anything used from your home – seriously. Never, ever, get so desperate that you give your true love that used bun warmer that has been taking up space in your closet since the ‘70s.
    • Gym memberships, unless they ask for it. Unless the message you are trying to get across is “you could stand to lose a few pounds” consider an alternative to an unrequested gym membership.
    • Self-help and dieting books. Need we say more?

    Fate is often forgiving of procrastinators. With a little ingenuity, you can come up with a gift your recipient will love and a memory that brings smiles of joy instead of tears of shame.
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