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    5 Ways to Welcome Spring

    1. Spend some time outside!
    Sit out in your yard with a book, wash your car, or maybe take a walk around the block. The easiest way to welcome spring is to enjoy it!

    2. Bring the best of the outdoors inside.
    Try planting a garden of flowers just for cutting and bring them in to dress up your table! Gardening not your thing? Collect some pretty foliage to adorn your home. Even if you don’t have easy access to colorful flowers, just a few strips of green vine laid across a mantle can really bring a vibrant feel to your living space!

    3. Try a new berry recipe!
    If you enjoy sweet, spring strawberries, this tasty recipe for strawberry shortcake popsicles from food blog Baker’s Royale ought to be a hit!

    1 ½ cup pureed strawberries
    ½ cup crushed vanilla Oreos
    2 cups vanilla yogurt
    Puree strawberries and set aside. Place Oreos in a food processor and pulse until cookies become fine crumbs. Alternatively, place Oreos in a Ziploc and using a rolling pin to crush cookies. Add crushed Oreos to the yogurt and mix until combined.

    To assemble, layer half of the yogurt first and let freeze for 30 minutes before adding the strawberry puree, let this second layer freeze for 30 minutes and then add the last yogurt layer. For a quick assembly, pour each layer on top of one another without any freeze time in between and then use a skewer or fork and gently swirl for a swirled Popsicle look.

    4. Spring clean your closet.
    Freshen up your wardrobe by sorting through all of your clothes and shoes. Consider donating the things you don’t wear anymore to charity, but throw away or recycle anything that has been worn out beyond a quick repair. Put your winter clothes and boots up and out of the way, and hang your favorite spring and summer pieces right in front!
    5. Celebrate spring at Lady Luck® Casino Caruthersville with our many gaming promotions, RV park and great dining options!
    Every Saturday in March we’re hosting “Basketball Bucks” where two lucky winners will draw a basketball and win up to $1000 and as much as an additional $100 by making a basket! Our RV Park is open year round and is located right on the brilliant banks of the Mississippi while also keeping you close to the gaming action. While you’re here, be sure to enjoy either a wonderful meal of comfort food at the casual Otis and Henry’s® or grab a quick, hearty bite from O&H Express®!

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