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    5 Surprising Uses for an UTV

    Owning an UTV can be a lot of fun. It’s fast and goes places where a larger vehicle can’t travel. If you want to justify why you need one of these four-wheelers, here are five useful reasons to have one.

    1. Do Your Snow Plowing

    Hook up a blade onto the UTV and your driveway will be cleared in no time. If you’ve ever had to shovel a long driveway by hand, you know what a chore it can be. An UTV has enough power to do this job as long as you choose a heavy-duty model.

    2. Transporting Items

    If you live on a large plot of land, a farm or ranch or any place where you have to haul items, an UTV can make this task much easier. Just hook up a trailer or wagon and use it to haul heavy items such as dirt, wood, rocks, concrete blocks or anything else you can think of. It sure beats carrying this stuff by hand.

    3. Gardening

    More people are using their UTVs to do yard and garden work, replacing traditional lawnmowers and lawn tractors. Use it to spray your lawn from the comfort of a seat instead of using a walk-behind sprayer. Attach a plow or rake to the back to create a garden spot or clean up leaves and debris. There are even mowers that can attach to an UTV for your yard.

    4. Farming

    Anyone with a few acres up to hundreds of acres of land can benefit from having an UTV. Instead of taking a truck off the road or riding a horse, an UTV can get you to the back pastures and fields. You can even pull a wagon loaded with supplies to hard-to-reach areas.

    5. Hunting

    While it’s illegal and unethical to hunt on an UTV in most states, this vehicle is perfect for reaching inaccessible areas where the game is. It’s also helpful when it’s time to haul the deer or other game back to the road so you don’t have to carry them by hand.

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