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    10 Tips to Improve Your BBQ Skills

    If your barbequing is only average and you want to turn it into extraordinary, there is hope. Making delicious barbeque meals that others rave about is a skill which can be learned. Here are ten tips to take your barbeque from ordinary to outstanding.

    1. Get a Thermometer

    Don’t rely on sight or smell to tell you if meat is cooked thoroughly. Get a thermometer to ensure your meat is ready to serve. Ground beef should reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit while whole cuts should be at 145 degrees Fahrenheit. Chicken should be at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

    2. Experiment with Marinades

    Instead of using the same marinade all of the time, try something new. Some great ideas include Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, meat broths, vinaigrette, citrus juice and even plain Greek yogurt.

    3. Liven Up Condiments

    Instead of serving the same condiments with your grilled meats, try something different. Include salsa and gourmet mustards as well as some herb spreads to add a unique flavor to your meal.

    4. Smoke Your Food

    It’s easy to add a smoked flavor to your food by adding wood chips or using smoked briquettes in a charcoal grill. It works for both meat and vegetables to give them a unique taste guests will love.

    5. Make It Pretty

    You’ve seen those grill marks that seem to be the indicator of an expert griller. You can get them quite easily if you know this one secret. Treat your grill as a clock. Place the meat down with one end pointing towards the 10 on the clock. When you flip it, turn it to the 2. You’ll end up with perfect grill marks every time.

    6. Flip Once

    Only flip your meat over one time while it cooks. This prevents the natural juices from being lost and locks in the flavor. If you use a meat thermometer, you will be able to tell when it’s done without constantly flipping.

    7. Don’t Press It Down

    A common habit of grillers is to press the meat to hear that sizzling sound. However, by doing this, you’re losing the natural juices of the meat, which will leave it dry and flavorless.

    8. Let Your Meat Rest

    After you remove the meat from the grill, let it rest a few minutes before serving. This allows those natural juices to get reabsorbed back into the meat for a juicy, flavorful meal. It should rest 5 to 10 minutes.

    9. Grill Your Sides

    Don’t just grill your meat for your barbeque. Grill your sides as well. Cut up potatoes, place corn and other vegetables on the grill. Cook these side items on the edge of the grill or after the meat has cooked while it rests. You don’t need as hot of a grill as with the meat.

    10. Keep Dessert Light

    Instead of serving heavy desserts after your grilled meal, choose something light like fruit. Whether you choose to grill the fruit or serve it fresh, this option is sweet and filling without weighing you down.

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