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    10 Things No Missourian Would Ever Do

    Things are done a bit differently in Missouri – and Missourians are proud of that. Missourians have a reputation for resolve and fortitude; not only do we know exactly what we will do, we also have a strong conviction about the things we won't do.

    Only in Missouri will you find this unique list of 10 things no Missourian would ever do:

    It's okay to be shocked about this. Most people are. This world-renowned river offers visitors a slew of fun activities to engage in; we just prefer to not make swimming one of them.

    #2: Throw Away Burnt Ends
    Authentic Missouri BBQ has some very specific rules, beginning with never throwing out burnt ends. Ever. We know the crispy end pieces of the brisket houses some of the best flavor; if you want to order like a true local, ask for the "bark" – it never disappoints.

    #3: Use Ketchup on Missouri BBQ
    Don't even think about it; here in the Show Me state, the only thing we want to show up on our BBQ is Missouri BBQ sauce, please and thank you.

    #4: Say "Wash"
    No such thing as "washing" your clothes in Missouri; we proudly say "warsh" when it comes to our laundering – and it's pronounced just like you think it is.

    #5: Root For Two MLB Teams
    Missourians have two beloved baseball teams residing in Kansas City and St. Louis. However, no one here loves both teams. A Kansas City fan would never cheer on St. Louis. Likewise, a St. Louis fan would never root for Kansas City. Here in Missouri, we ask that you pick a team…and stick with it.

    Even though we don't all see eye-to-eye with baseball, we do all agree that when it comes to football, it doesn't matter which team you root for, as long as you do it as loudly as you can. We proudly hold the 2014 Guinness World Record for loudest noise level - a whopping 142.2 decibels at Arrowhead Stadium!

    #7: Accept Untoasted Ravioli
    Why would anyone delight in plain ravioli when he could enjoy delicious toasted ravioli instead? St. Louis is the home of toasted ravioli perfection. Try this seasoned, crispy pasta dish once and you will never go back.

    #8: Shun A Good Bad Guy (or Gal)
    Missourians have a weakness for men and women of questionable character. Our history includes Quantrill's Raiders, a gang that touts the notorious Jesse and Frank James as former members. The state is also the birthplace of the Dalton Gang, which had gal gang members like Belle Starr and Calamity Jane. It's not just that we are aware of our "bad" men and women – it's that we celebrate them.

    #9: Ignore Mother Nature
    We love talking about the weather…a lot. Missouri is on the edge of Tornado Alley, which means there really is always something to talk about. Storms, twisters and sunny skies – we don't discriminate when it comes to sharing all the details about what's going on right outside our windows.

    #10: Top Pizza With Just One Cheese
    We never waste time eating pizza with just one cheese topping. Instead we crown all our glorious pies (as well as burgers, salads, pastas and more) with provel, a blend of cheddar, provolone and Swiss cheeses. Melted on top of a thin crust and layer of red sauce, provel is the only pizza cheese to a true Missourian.

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