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    10 Reasons to Be Excited for Spring

    Spring is here! Here at the Lady Luck® Caruthersville, we already see a few telltale signs that spring is upon us. Melting snow, dripping ice, and even sightings of actual grass blades have gotten us all excited to celebrate the end of another long winter.

    Of course, spring brings with it far more to celebrate than just an absence of the cold, white stuff. Here in Caruthersville and throughout the area, we know firsthand that this region offers so many reasons to get excited for spring. Here are just a few that made our top 10 list:

    1. Warmer Temperatures
    Let's start with the obvious first: the end of winter brings with it an end to all the cold, frigid temperatures we all endure throughout the year's coldest months. Beginning in March, we can look forward to the red on our thermometers going up, up, up.

    2. Daylight Savings
    As if better weather isn't reason enough to celebrate, this time of year also brings Daylight Savings to our region. Yes, springing forward does mean initially losing one hour of sleep, however, that simple shift in our clocks means that we get even more daytime hours to spend out in those warmer temperatures.

    3. New Wardrobe
    By the time March rolls around, the mere thought of gearing up in our winter wardrobe exhausts us. Fortunately, this time of year means losing a few of the cold weather layers. Light jackets, t-shirts, shorts/skirts, and bright, bold colors mark just some of the springtime looks we all look forward to wearing.

    4. Seasonal Outings
    The warmer weather proves a perfect time to gather up the gang for an outdoor outing. Take your crew to visit local zoos, parks, gardens, museums and even local outdoor festivals that define this time of year.

    5. Get Out and Exercise
    For most of us, the colder months mean taking our workouts indoors to stay out of the harsh elements outdoors. Once spring arrives, we can officially begin hitting our cardiovascular groove while enjoying some fresh seasonal air. Walks, runs, hikes, bicycle rides; there's not limit to how you can burn calories and enhance your overall vitamin D levels.

    6. Picnics
    Pack up your favorite meal and gather up your favorite people; picnics at local hotspots like Reynolds Park make a perfect way to spend a warm springy day dining and enjoying time with those you love al fresco.

    7. Spring Cleaning
    While the initial thought of cleaning may not thrill any of us, there's something therapeutic about getting our house in order at the end of a long winter. Open up the windows and scrub, dust, purge, and donate to start the season off feeling reinvigorated and organized.

    8. Change Your Look
    Spring is the perfect time to try something new with your current hairstyle. Think shorter, lighter, and bolder to create a fun new hairstyle at the season's onset.

    9. Flowers (And Mother Nature) Awakens
    Nothing screams spring like signs of blooming and rebirth throughout Mother Nature. Suddenly, we find ourselves surrounded by birds singing, creatures scurrying, and most importantly, fresh flowers blooming. These buds often burst open virtually overnight, adding a gorgeous color surge that announces, without doubt, that spring has most certainly sprung.

    10. Fresh Flavors
    Of course, flowers aren't the only forms of plant life worthy of seasonal celebration. This time of year also gives us an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables to enjoy. Asparagus, various melons, pineapples, strawberries, artichokes, snow peas, Swiss chard, and a slew of lettuces all make their debut during this season.

    Here at Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville, we never let a spring harvest go by without including the very freshest produce options at our onsite restaurants, O&H® and O&H Express®. In fact, right now we're celebrating the season at O&H with an all-you-can-eat weekend salad bar chock full of crisp, delicious vegetables for only $6.99* without dinner entrée purchase.* Those coming with a bigger appetite can enjoy our salad bar for only $2.99* when served alongside some of our many dinner specials that embody the bold flavors of spring, such as blackened or parmesan-crusted tilapia for an additional $8.99*. Dining with us is the perfect way to please your palette throughout these warmer months.

    *Tax and gratuity not included

    Come Celebrate Spring at O&H at Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville
    Lady Luck Casino Caruthersville offers so many ways to celebrate all that the spring season has to offer. Come to O&H open Sunday through Thursday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Friday to Saturday 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. So get ready for spring!


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