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    10 Items You Need in a Man Cave

    Your man cave is your safe space, and I mean that in the manliest way possible. If you were Superman, your man cave would be your fortress of solitude. Once there you would be able to strip yourself of every acquired taste and every convention forced upon you so you could finally be yourself.

    The man cave is an extension of who you are, that’s why you only allow people you trust in it – like the guys! From time immemorial, the man cave has been the crucible in which the deepest bonds have been forged between men. Therein, along the strands of time stretching from the prehistoric cave fire to the modern day pool table, bonds have been formed that have lasted a lifetime.

    It is a spiritual place… or at the very least, one that should not be taken lightly. Ideally you should put some thought into what goes into your man cave – and what definitely stays out of it. Drawing upon several millennia worth of wisdom, we have compiled a list of what will help you create the perfect man cave.

    It doesn’t matter where you set up your fortress of solitude, be it in the garage, the basement, or a secret location akin to the Bat Cave. No matter the shape, size or location, the following are 10 items that should be in your man cave.

    1. TV

    First and foremost, we have the TV. The man cave is where men can escape the eternal battle over the remote that rages within every household. In there, you and the guys can lean back and catch all the sports action on Sunday without having to worry about the soap opera that runs at the same time.

    Hold your wallets for a second, though. On Saturday, June 17th, you can take advantage of our Man Cave Madness Giveaway. Between 7:00pm and 10:00pm two lucky winners will be drawn every hour to win some fantastic prizes, one of which is a 50 inch TV! You can either add to the set you already have in your man cave, or win your first with us.

    2. Bar

    There is something about sports and drinks; they’re like movies and popcorn: a match made in heaven. You can wash down your sorrows or celebrate your team’s success with a well-stocked bar. Never ignore the bar.

    3. Kegerator or 120 can Beverage Center

    Can’t install a bar? You can’t have everything, right? Or can you? With a kegerator you’re suddenly back in house party mode, where everybody can help themselves to some much needed refreshment whenever they want.

    But if your man cave is used to hosting a crowd with more diverse tastes, you could go for a beverage center, preferably one with the sort of capacity which our Man Cave Giveaway offers.

    A 120 can beverage center and a kegerator stand among the prizes to be won during our giveaway!

    4. Recliner or Comfortable Seating

    Among the items you need in a man cave, is comfortable seating. Not everybody is into sports, beers and all the other important rituals that go on in a man cave. The more benign among menfolk can simply sit comfortably and do whatever they want. Hey, it’s their man cave!

    5. Gaming System with Sound Surround

    For a totally immersive experience, what every man cave needs is surround sound. Whether it’s for gaming, videos, sports, or leisure, you need it to bring your fortress together.

    6. Dart Board

    Some men prefer their games a little less digital. Back in the day there was archery, today we have the equally tedious game of darts.

    On Saturday, June 17th you can aim all your luck towards winning an electronic dart board with cabinet. You stand the chance to win one of the essential things that should be in your man cave. If you win, you can cover the bullseye of your new dart board with a picture of the one person you would never hang out with in the man cave. That way you never miss!

    7. LCD Mini Projector

    An LCD mini projector tells everyone entering your man cave that you mean business without making it seem like you’re trying to show off. We offer mini projectors among our prizes. You can take advantage of our Man Cave Giveaway to create a cave that stands out from all the others.

    There is no better way to watch some of the classic movies and sports games than in the dark, which a projector clacking away in the background.

    8. Pool Table

    Your man cave would never be complete without one-ask anybody! Pool tables provide a great alternative on slow days when nothing is on the TV, or when nobody feels like turning to the game console. Silently plan your next play while you sip from the can you just peeled from the fridge. Just hope your friend doesn’t go all the way!

    9. Foosball Table

    While we are on games: foosball anyone? What every man cave needs is entertainment that caters to all the different facets that come with manhood. A man cave should have something for everyone. We certainly think so, that’s why a foosball table is among the prizes we offer in our giveaway. Diehard sport fans would feel right at home in your cave as they become the teams they adore by engaging in a not-so-friendly game of foosball.

    10. Home Décor

    This is your man cave and there is no better way to show it than through your décor. Use your décor to mark your territory. Everybody walking in should know exactly whose man cave they are entering.

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